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Real AI (voice-driven)

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Warning: This app requires Storage permission enabled if you are using Android 6.0+This app is an experiment in the Natural Language Processing field of Artificial Intelligence and is not intended for mere amusement, but it has no other real practical application. This is not a gimmick with pre-programmed responses, ridiculous side-apps to attempt to be your personal secretary, or any form of ads to profit from you. This is not a glorified search engine. This is Real AI. It learns through the process of being taught language organically (a process of exchange and repetition) and starts with no prior knowledge.Under the hood... the program is using a mix of conditional-based learning, procedural generation of sentences/questions, and relational queries based on weighted 'topic' identifiers. It can create its own original statements and questions. It is real-time, and it really does 'think' (an internal dialogue feedback loop).Tips for teaching the AI:- Limit your responses to single sentences/questions.- Keep in mind that the AI learns from observing how you respond to what it says... so, if it says "Hello." and you say "How are you?" it will learn that "How are you?" is a possible response to "Hello.". If you say something it has never seen before, it'll probably repeat it to see how -you- would respond to it.- It will generate stuff that sounds nonsensical early on... this is part of the learning process, similar to the way children phrase things in ways that don't quite make sense early on.- If it says something that doesn't make sense, don't respond to it... this will reduce the likelihood of it generating the statement/question in the future. This also means it's a bad idea to just leave the AI running for long periods of time without interacting with it, since it could eventually unlearn everything you taught it.- Also keep in mind that the AI cannot see/hear/taste/smell/feel any 'things' you refer to, so it can never have any contextual understanding of what exactly the 'thing' is (the way you understand it). This also means it'll never understand you trying to reference it (or yourself) directly, as it can never have a concept of anything external being something different from it without spatial recognition gained from sight/touch/sound.- Treat it like an alien that's trying to learn your language from simply observing how you respond to the stuff it mimics.- In general... keep it simple. The simpler you speak to it, the better it learns.Questions or comments? Send me an email or visit the forum on the website (see below for both). There is also a section of the forum for sharing brains (the "Brain" folder generated by the app in internal memory).